Monday, July 4, 2011

Warning…Chatty post ahead

First things first!!  Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! My day started of by going out for a wonderful breakfast with the entire family. Following that, my Mom and I went down to my Dad’s grave to say Hi and place a festive red, white and blue pinwheel on his grave. It’s seems so hard to believe, but Dad passed away 10 years ago  on July 5th. We all of course, still miss him so much.
Late this afternoon, we'll be having barbecued Swordfish, Halibut and Shrimp along some sweet corn and a Caesar salad at my daughter's. YUM!
P1030377 copy
Today's card is for the Scrappy Frogs Flower Challenge. This card is nearly all Papertrey Ink. I made the Background paper using Kraft cardstock along with a Papertrey Ink, The Year of Flowers, Carnation stamp. I used Copics to color the images and then stamped a large French Script background stamp from Stampin’ Up!. The Pink card stock was stamped with one of the Polka Dots Basics sets, also from Papertrey Ink.
Supplies Used:
Year of Flowers Carnation
Polka Dot Basics II
Doily Details Die
Tag-Its #3
Edgers 3 Die
Next, I wanted to share with a few organizational pieces that I’ve added to my Scrapbook Room.
The first of which is a Revolving Stamp Pad Holder that I purchased from an absolutely wonderful Seller on EBay, Cameron's Toyz.. P1030397This one will hold 60 Stampin’ Up! Ink pads. He even gave me enough spacers so that I could store my Distress Ink pads too. Sweet!
I’ve also recently purchased  a Memorex CD holder from Target, which now stores all of my dies in one place.
Next up, is my solution for the smaller PTI $5.00 stamp sets. I simply purchased a very inexpensive single pocket photo album from Michaels... the really, really, REALLY inexpensive ones.  Using an Exacto knife, I carefully sliced all the pages out, hence …the inexpensive photo albums.  For the sets that have matching dies, I just store the die on the back side of the stamp set.
I keep all of my $5.00 PTI sets right along side the larger PTI Sets in a CD holder box, purchased from Ikea.
I also, set out recently to catalogue all of my stamps, inks and dies…and I’ve almost done it too!
I took a  3inch binder…and dressed it up a bit.
Inside, I have a list of Stampin’ Up Inks and how they match up to Papertrey ink colors
Stampin’ Up! Inks
Chalk Inks
Catalogue of stamps
The last thing on my list of “fun” things to share with you is my Punch and Die Book.
I have pages for all of my punches and dies too. Now, when I want to see how a stamp will work with a particular die, I just grab this book, flip to the appropriate die shape, and place it onto the image in my Stamp Book. So easy!!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have everything organized like this. So far, I'm really enjoying this.
If you're interested in seeing more of my craftroom, go here.  
Now....if I haven't lost you yet....I want to thank you so much for sticking with me through my  very long winded post! 
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely fantastic Sheri!!!! When I grow up I want to be just like you.

  3. Great ideas! I have a spinning storage like that from CTMH but it's plastic; that wood one is awesome.

  4. So when is it you are coming to my house to do this? WOW! Love it!

  5. I love your organization. Hope to borrow a couple of your ideas.

  6. Cute card and great job on getting more organization done. Sometimes I want to throw something at you because you're so organized!! ;o)

  7. OK, you remember that conversation we had last week? This proves that you don't know what you're talking about and I do. So there. And this card is wonderful, completely wonderful.

  8. oh.. I love how you organized everything!! well done!
    and your card is wonderful!!!

  9. Great card hun and fab organising! xxx

  10. First, beautiful card. You know I love PTI, and you used their products so well. :-) Second, you're waaaaaaaaaay too organized for me, lol! I need to spend some time doing all this. Maybe I'd actually use everything I had if it was handier like that. Very nice job!!

  11. Beautiful card! And I totally wish I could be as organized as you. I am curious about your binder and that grid you have stamped your stamps in. Was it computer generated or just drawn on? And what do you do if all the stamps won't fit? And do you have them in categories as the image or the manufacturer?
    Keep up the great work and you have inspired me to start getting organized the next rainy day we have.

  12. Thank you Amy!!! If you could see my table right now, I would totally have my cover blown!
    I made the 4 square in excel. Super easy and I can print it off when I need more too. Some of the larger sets didn't fit in just one square, but for some reason dividing the page that way still help to give a uniform look. I was afraid it would just turn out to mishmash of shapes that would leave me uninspired, so I kept it all a clean and simple as possible. I did,keep them separated by manufactures too. I hope I answered your questions and if you have any more, please just let me know. You can also email me at Thanks so much for looking! :)

  13. Fabulous organisational ideas. I am in awe - thank you for sharing!

    Elaine x

  14. Hi.


    Just wanted to ask a couple of questions about your stamp catalogue. Have you actually stamped each stamp in your excel grid OR have you got a picture of each set (say from the online catalogues) and put that into excel and then printed it out?


  15. Birdie, I stamped each stamp and just grouped them together by manufactures. Having the four square on each page also helped to keep everything uniform, which for a very good thing. :)

  16. Just love all your organizational tips!! I have a ton of PTI stamps and dies I just don't know what to do with. TFS!

  17. Love the CD storage for the dies! What do you do with the larger skinnier dies? I have PTI's rick rack border dies...not sure how to store them.

  18. Ok...I REALLY need you to come here and help me get this organized!! Your so incredibly amazing!! Congrats on being featured on Crafty Storage blog!! Love ya, Leanne

  19. Looking good! I am working on organization myself. It is seriously slow going. ;)

  20. Thanks for sharing! I've been thinking of making a binder book with all my stamp sets in it (just a stamped picture not the actual set) but keep wondering if it's worth all the time it would take me to put it together and keep it organized (add all the sets when I buy more...since I sell Close To My Heart and buy lots of them!). What are your thoughts on the binder book? Was it worth time to you? Are you glad you did it? Lauren

  21. GREAT! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Need to organize myself so i could use some of your ideas.
    Thanks, kind regards, Simone

  22. Love the CD storage idea for dies. My friend and I have made one for our dies and it is so great to not have those big bulky packages.
    Next want to work on the die book to put over the stamped images which I also made a book for!!! what size is that die cutout book though? Thanks for sharing your ideas:)