Monday, November 16, 2009

From old and outdated to

hip and cool!...No..not me silly.I'm sorry to tell you I was not accosted on the street and given a fantastic makeover...dag nab it.

A Savers opened up closer to my home this week and early Saturday morning...I went armed with my to-go coffee from 7-11 (you can't save money by shopping at a Thrift store, if you stop by Starbucks first for you 6 dollar Venti Mint Mocha, now can you?). After scanning the store I came across this poor crystal lamp with the icky brass all over it....bleck..bleck..bleck! The entire thrift store experience is something that has definitely ...grown on me. The first time I attempted to enter a thrift store....Well...lets just say there are not enough Mint Mochas in the world to help me tolerate THAT smell. I have to say though..that it seems..... I have become a transformed thrift store shopper and it didn't hurt.... that since this was a brand new didn't have THAT smell . I seem to spend a great deal of time these days reading blogs where the most amazing women transform the most unattractive items...and give them a whole new life, simply armed with a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint,
Gorilla Glue and some burlap.

So...with all of their incredible inspiration and helpful step by step tutorials..I felt ready to tackle the lamp. I took the poor thing home and stared it down for a day. Sunday morning I awoke feeling courageous enough to jump in. My husband...gave me a couple of "what the heck are you doing" looks and went about his day, smart man that he is.

I did run into a snag to Mom's I went (Mom's the most famous do-it yourselfer I personally know) to help me figure out the light bulb thingy. After which, I went home to continue dissecting the victim mean lamp.

I sprayed the little guy with a couple of coats of .99 cent flat black spray paint and finished it all off with the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint I have developed a relationship with....Warning: Don't stand still to long around me.

Later that night..I reassembled my brand spankin new to me lamp. I borrowed the black lamp shade from another lamp, which is currently sitting naked and alone. I do have plans to add a burlap shade to this lamp though, but for now..I'm kind of loving this.

Thanks so much for visiting. I would love to know what you think.

Icky brass to



  1. Your lamp looks great - what an improvement. i might try the bronze spray!!

  2. Good job. I hope you will post to my Monday party Its So Very Creative.


  3. I love that lamp transformation. It is so elaegant.

  4. Yes - Fabulous is the word. Great job.

  5. Much more up to date. It would have been easy to pass it by at the thrift store.

  6. I would have never thought of black. Hmmmmmmmmmm - giving me some ideas...

  7. I have to say I do LOVE shopping at Savers too. Great find with the lamp and the transformation is very good!

  8. Great job and good for you for dumpster shopping...I too have to work on that....

    sometimes you have just a great vision to begin with!

  9. Awesome improvement! I wish a Savers would open by me!

  10. Love it!! What a difference!! I've heard of a few people now using the oil rubbed bronze paint...I think I'm goint to check it out. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great redo. I have seen that spray and wondered. I might try it soon.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. zYour project looks great. I have some lamps and light fixtures I would love to have look like that. What brand is the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint?

  13. What a wonderful did a great job!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    (Treasure the Moment)

  14. I love the revamped lamp! I'd keep the black shade, it goes with the black accents on the lamp.

  15. Very chic! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  16. Love the lamp and the shade! It's a great transformation. Paint can do so much. I've been looking for a pair of lamps, sooner or later I'll find them. Thanks for sharing.